Hone Your Craft

"The Open Doorway"

If you really want your writing to make an impact, you need to go deep. And nothing goes as deep as a story.

There’s a reason why Jesus spoke in parables and Spielberg unpacks history the way he does: storytelling allows them to make deep, lasting connections with people. Storytelling invites the reader in

The same can be said of writers. These simple tools of scene and setting, character and moments, have the power to nurture within readers the kind of emotional experiences that can fundamentally reshape how they see the world. The Open Doorway explores the how and the why of storytelling, inviting you to go deeper with your readers and them to go deeper with you. 

With The Open Doorway you will:

  • Strengthen your writing through a combination of insider insights and practical exercises
  • Sharpen your understanding of the unique invitation you can offer to your reader
  • Learn how to observe and draw inspiration from the storytellers you encounter every day
  • Analyze the anatomy of a story and find new ways of bringing it into your writing

Total Investment: $49.00