Target Reader Manuscript Analysis™ (TRMA)


Fewer books are earning back their advances and with the growth of self-publishing, individual books aren’t selling like they once did. The average reader’s attention span is shrinking and it’s imperative that your book immediately captivates your target audience.

The Target Reader Manuscript Analysis™ provides an independent and unbiased analysis of your manuscript—surveying real readers on what they think about your book before it goes to market.

Depending upon the manuscript, we ask target readers 30 to 50 qualitative questions that have been carefully crafted by seasoned industry professionals, including both writers and editors.

An AuthorTalk™ Curator will anaylze the data set from the Target Reader’s inputs, providing a thorough evaluation on how to strengthen the manuscript.

What you can expect

  • Choose from a focus group of 12 or 20 real readers in your target market committed exclusively to reading your manuscript

  • Independently confirm to publishers/agents your book’s current market appeal

  • Get feedback on what title your readers like best

  • Make guided adjustments to your manuscript before it’s set in stone

  • Be more confident that your book will sell

Four weeks after purchasing the TRMA service, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your manuscript, complete with suggested improvements and direct input from real, anonymous readers.

Total Investment:
$1,850 for 12 readers

 Total Investment:
$2,650 for 20 readers