Reader-Centricity™ Discovery Process

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Don't miss the opportunity to sell your book.  

The Reader-Centricity™ Discovery Process is foundational to AuthorTalk's 3C Strategy, preparing you to clarify your concept, grow your crowd and hone your craft.

With Reader-Centricity™ you will clearly target your audience. You learn to identify their primary need, name their emotions, articulate the benefits your book will bring to them and develop your promise to the reader. This is essential work; it prepares you for titling your book, developing a cover strategy, writing copy, and much more.

Inadequate understanding of target readers and their specific needs is why many books don't sell. Your investment in Reader-Centricity will help keep that from happening to your book. 

Your only risk is not using it. Because we guarantee it.


Option Two:

Reader-Centricity Plus

You receive The Reader-Centricity™ Discovery Process and after working through it, email it back to us and one of our AuthorTalk agents will schedule a 20 minute phone consultation with you to help ensure you’re on the right track.

Total Investment: $119.00

Option One:


You receive a pdf of dynamic insights, questions and exercises in The Reader-Centricity™ Discovery Process. As a step-by-step coaching tool, this product teaches you to discover the secrets successful authors have already learned.

Total Investment: $49.00