Hone Your Craft

"Finding Your Voice"

Uncover and polish your unique written voice.

Writing is about connection—letting readers hear your true voice. But how do you get who you really are onto the page? In this resource, you’ll uncover the key elements of written voice and learn to use them to build connection with your readers. You'll find clarifying principles and practical exercises crafted to give you new confidence in your writing. A strong, unique voice will make your writing stand out. This is your next step toward finding your voice.

With Finding Your Voice you will:

  • Gain insight for your craft and learn the key elements that shape your written voice
  • Be inspired with new practical perspective on this foundational aspect of great writing
  • Practice exercises developed during real-world coaching and workshop sessions by an award-winning writer, editor and author
  • Articulate what makes your voice unique to write with new confidence and authenticity
  • Name key hang-ups that stand in the way of your writing, and gain best practices to grow your craft

Total Investment: $49.00