Consulting Categories Worksheet

Starter questions to help prepare for your consultation.

I.    Book Concept Analysis

1)     How do I know if I have a good book idea?
2)     How long should a manuscript be?
3)     Do I need my manuscript to be professionally edited?
4)     What do publishers look for?
5)     What do agents look for?
6)     What are the elements of a good idea/manuscript? A good memoir?
7)     How important is the right title? Will a publisher ever change  my title if picked up?

   II.    The Book Proposal

A.     What is a book proposal? Why is it important?  What is its purpose?
B.     What’s the difference between a query letter and a book proposal?
C.     How do I craft a book proposal?  What are the elements in a book proposal?
D.     What are the most common mistakes made in a book proposal?

III.     Literary Agents

A.     What does a literary agent do?
B.     How do I know if I need one or not?
C.     What types of things should I look for in an agent? What are some red flags to watch for?
D.     Should I pay a literary agent?
E.     How long is a contract for a literary agent? Can I ever change literary agents?
F.     What should I expect from a literary agent?
G.    How does a literary agent evaluate proposals?
H.    Do I have to work with a literary agent if I want to get my book published?

            IV.    Publishing

A.     What are the steps in trying to get my book published?
B.     What is the process a publishing house goes through when considering a book for publication?
C.     Do publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts?
D.    Do I need a book proposal to send to a publisher or just to an agent?
E.     What are my chances to see my book published?
F.     What is the number one thing I can work on to help my chances?
G.    What does it mean when I'm told I need a sizable platform?
H.    How do I get started in building my platform? What would be my most strategic next step?