Ready for Some Publishing Honesty?

Because you’re reading this, we’ll assume you said yes to the above—so here’s the honest truth: If you’re anything like the majority of authors who send their proposals to an agent or a publisher, you’re not ready.

We get it. You’ve worked super hard on your book; friends have read your chapters and love them and you feel a sense of urgency to take the next step towards your publishing goals. Proceed with caution.

 At AuthorTalk, we really do believe that you only have one chance to make a great first impression, and want to encourage you to invest the extra time to ensure you’re ready. Here’s why:

Acquisition Editors and Literary agents often suffer from an affliction only found in publishing. It’s called “Proposal Fatigue” and it generally manifests itself during the reading of poorly crafted proposals. The symptoms vary, but often include exasperated sighs, rolling eyes, maddening groans, laughter, and the quick use of the delete key.

Here’s the thing. These people are very busy and you simply must give the same attention to your proposal that you have given to the manuscript you’re submitting. There are no shortcuts! Remember, the last thing acquisition editors and agents generally read when you send in a proposal are the sample chapters. And they’ll only read those if you’ve captured their attention with your proposal.

Make sure you’re ready to make a great first impression. How? Get a good proposal template. Not sure how to fill it out? Ask a friend who has successfully placed a book with an agent or a publisher to coach you. Or invest in one of the proposal services offered by the professionals at AuthorTalk who can help guide you through the process.

And that’s the honest truth.