Proposal Services (CMS)


In partnership with ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association), AuthorTalk™ offers three book proposal services designed to meet the particular needs of aspiring Christian authors. It is the only manuscript service created by the top Christian publishers looking for unsolicited manuscripts in a traditional, royalty based relationship.

These services allow authors to submit their manuscript proposal in a secure, online format which can only be accessed by ECPA-member publishers and Christian literary agencies.

Whether you are interested in traditional or self-publishing, the investment in constructing a well-crafted proposal will be one of the most valuable things you can do for your book; whether identifying target markets accurately, demonstrating knowledge of comparable works, defining your promotional goals or articulating a compelling and succinct topic sentence.

An investment in an AuthorTalk™ proposal service is an investment in you!      

“Your mama may have told you that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And so it is with book proposals. Acquisition editors see literally hundreds each year, so it is crucial for authors to communicate essential information succinctly, completely and professionally in order to stand out. I can’t tell you how many proposals I’ve read that I still had no idea what the book was about after reading 30 pages. Those proposals go nowhere.” 
—Susan Tjaden, Editor, Waterbrook & Multnomah

Standard Service: Book Proposal and Submission

  • Based on feedback from our publishers and book proposal professionals, we have prepared a 12-question, easy-to-navigate, template that will create a book proposal in the format publishers prefer to use.
  • This proposal will present an overview of your work, which will include title, topic sentence, chapter headings, summary and writing sample.  
  • After purchasing below, you will be able to immediately access this template and start work on your book proposal. 
  • Once you have completed your proposal, simply click "Submit to Publishers" and your proposal will be immediately available to view. 
  • Your proposal is guaranteed secure and can only be reviewed by ECPA member publishers and Christian literary agencies.  
  • Your proposal will remain in the system for 6 months from the date you choose to “Submit” it. If you need to review and/or edit your proposal, simply re-enter the system with the user name and password you used when you initially submitted your proposal.
  • Our members regularly review this active database looking for fresh book ideas and new authors. If after reading your proposal they are interested in your manuscript, they will contact you directly to discuss your book idea.

Standard Service Fee:

  • Submission Fee Total: $98.00
"The staff at AuthorTalk™ have deep relationships with publishers and couple their knowledge and experience to offer high quality proposal and concept development services."
— Jennifer Lyell, VP, Books Business, LifeWay Christian Resources    

Silver Service: Book Proposal, Critique, Agent Phone Consultation, and Submission

  • Many authors benefit from receiving extra help from industry veterans to prepare a book proposal that stands out from the crowd and appeals to publishers and agents alike. This critique service is provided by the publishing professionals at AuthorTalk™ in order to maximize its appeal.
  • If you choose the Silver Service, you will first create your proposal as per  the procedures found under the Standard Service above. After submitting your completed proposal, a professional literary agent from AuthorTalk™ will be notified. Your consultant will contact you to schedule your phone consultation within two weeks of being notified.
  • Several days before  your call, you will receive a customized, in-depth evaluation of your proposal, with specific section-by-section recommendations for how to improve it.
  • The 30-minute phone consultation is designed for you to ask questions and gain insights and tools to perform a strategic rewrite of your proposal.
  • After your consultation, you will have time to improve your proposal as suggested, before submitting it back online, where it can be viewed by publishers and literary agents for six months.
  • Publishers and agents will be informed, by a Silver  Badge placed next to your submission, indicating that your manuscript has gone through a rigorous critique process by the professionals at AuthorTalk™.

Silver Service Fee:

  • Critique and Phone Consultation:  $349
  • Proposal Submission: $98
  • Total Fee: $447

Gold Service: Book Proposal, Critique,  Agent Phone Consultation, 3,000 Word Edit, and Submission

  • The Gold  Service  includes all of the benefits of the Bronze and Silver Services but will also include an additional final, professional edit of your proposal and a 3,000 word writing sample of your choice.
  • Publishers will be informed that your manuscript proposal has been professionally critiqued and edited by the placement of a Gold Badge next to your submission.

Gold Service Fee:

  • Critique, Phone Consultation, and Final Edit: $399
  • Proposal Submission: $98
  • Total Fee: $497